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Anchored Science by Mi-STAR is HERE!

March 22, 2023

By: Kaitlyn Harvie

Kendall Hunt just expanded their middle school science offerings with Anchored Science by Mi-STAR, putting solutions at the forefront of learning in combination with all existing KH science programs. Mi-STAR, originally a Michigan-based program, was created in 2015 by a group of scientists, engineers, middle school teachers, and administrators to improve the quality of science teaching and learning. It has since expanded from Michigan in partnership with Kendall Hunt to become the widely available Anchored Science by Mi-STAR curriculum.

So, how exactly is Anchored Science different from anything else Kendall Hunt offers?

Science is taught as a body of knowledge to address societal issues. Now more than ever, it is important that educators focus on how science can respond to societal needs and engage with the youth to create a stronger vision for our planet. This opens the door for students to use science and engineering practices to understand how to solve societal challenges and act on them later in life.

This new program will keep students engaged like never before, as a passion for social problems will emerge through science. Students will be able to explore solutions through seven 21st-century societal challenges and themes relevant to the lives of children and families, ultimately making them “solution builders”!

imgHere is a look at your students’ path of discovery:

  • Earth and Energy Resources
  • Water Resources
  • Sustainable Resources
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Public and Human Health
  • Earth and Space Systems
  • Infrastructure and the Built Environment

Now you’re wondering why it’s right for you, right?

  1. This professional learning program uses flexible, ongoing options to support you in implementing each unit's content.
  2. You will be able to expand your students’ skill sets and knowledge base while tapping into their natural curiosity.
  3. Each unit is structured for students to take control in a clearly defined role.
  4. The content is designed for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  5. It provides you with a professional learning community connecting committed teachers and providing opportunities for ongoing collaboration and learning
  6. Every unit makes a clear connection to engineering!
  7. Includes a total of 22 units to promote student-driven learning
  8. Includes online and face-to-face components to familiarize you with the NGSS, the Mi-STAR Instructional Model, and the entirety of each Mi-STAR Unit Challenge

Create your own solution builders today! Find your sales consultant or request a sample today.