Years of success with AP Calculus students earned Paul Foerster a Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. Calculus: Concepts and Applications is the curricula he uses to prepare students for success on the Advanced Placement Exams. It is available in print and eBook formats for students and teachers. Click here to sign up for a free digital trial.  


Calculus: Concepts and Applications closely follows the AP Calculus syllabus for both AB and BC levels and contains numerous problems that are similar in format to the AP Exam's free-response problems.

This textbook makes it easier to organize your teaching and improves learning outcomes by presenting calculus as a study of just four fundamental concepts—limits, derivatives, definite integrals, and indefinite integrals. With just four main ideas on which to focus, your students will find the scope of calculus more manageable, and they'll have an easier time understanding, connecting, and remembering important concepts.

  • Pacing guides will help you schedule lessons so you cover all the material needed before the AP Exams.
  • You will be able to easily differentiate learning for your students because each concept is clearly developed through graphical, algebraic, numerical, and verbal methods.
  • The blackline master Explorations in the Instructor's Resource Book will enable you to familiarize your students with mathematical concepts before they read the material in the text and deepen their understanding as you guide them through multiple approaches to problem solving.
  • You will easily integrate technology and give your students extended opportunities to explore and understand calculus in depth with projects from the Instructor's Resource Book that use the Texas Instruments Calculator-Based Laboratory™ (CBL™), The Geometer's Sketchpad®, and Fathom® Dynamic Data software.


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