Discovering Geometry

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Build your students' reasoning and proof abilities with Discovering Geometry, a CCSS-aligned high school curriculum that helps students internalize geometric properties as they test their reasoning with physical models. Click here for an overview of the Discovering Mathematics series. To sign up for a free online trial, click here.

The Discovering Geometry approach improves learning in many ways:

  • The developmental focus of Discovering Geometry will help you meet your students where they are and guide them all to a high level of understanding. You'll find many opportunities both to support students whose progress is slower and to challenge more advanced students.
  • Discovering Geometry will help you bolster your students' understanding and retention of theorems, definitions, and properties as they perform constructions, measure figures, relate patterns and properties, and discuss their findings.
  • Algebra Review exercises—integrated when applicable to the geometry being taught—will make it easy to reinforce your students' skills and keep them on track for continued learning.
  • You will build your students' reasoning and proof skills by using the exercises and group activities in the new Developing Proof strand.
  • Investigations, visual representations, and opportunities for discussion will enable you to integrate multiple teaching modes into your classroom so that visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners all benefit.
  • The real-world applications, puzzles, and extensions in Discovering Geometry will help you motivate students and keep them thinking.
  • The book's focus on critical problem-solving skills will help you cultivate a classroom of self-motivated, independent thinkers. Author Michael Serra's extensive classroom experience helped him shape a new approach to teaching geometry. Now in its fourth edition, Discovering Geometry has proven effective in countless classrooms across the country.


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