Discovering Geometry, Fifth Edition

Discovering Geometry Fifth Edition

Written to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Discovering Geometry, Fifth Edition creates learning trajectories that match the standards and the progression of the content from middle school and into advanced mathematics. Click here for an overview of the Discovering Mathematics series and here to sign up for a program sample.



New Edition!

Discovering Geometry accounts for the changes in the CCSS content standards and aims to revisit them in various contexts that show connections within the mathematics.

  • Congruence, similarity, and symmetry are now studied from the perspective of geometric transformation. Now introduced in Chapter 1, congruence is defined through rigid transformations.  Similarity is now defined through similarity transformations (rigid motions followed by dilations).

  • Many of the inductive elements (understand and explain standards) are now part of the geometry strand for the middle grades.  High school geometry is now more focused on deductive proof and application.  The Developing Proof section of each lesson helps students connect their inductive experience in the investigations with the deductive proof required by the standards. 

  • Analytic geometry has become more integrated into the high school geometry course that most districts and states have studied in the past. Coordinate Geometry lessons in each chapter help students make the connection between the synthetic geometry covered in each chapter and the analytic geometry required by CCSS.

Discovering Geometry embraces the principles of the Math Practice standards through its investigative approach that guides students to create conjectures through investigation and use inductive and deductive reasoning to justify their response.

Author Michael Serra’s extensive classroom experience has helped him shape a successful approach to teaching geometry. The program’s combination of research-based pedagogy and rigorous content will help you cultivate a classroom of self-motivated, independent thinkers who will succeed on today’s assessments and in advanced mathematics courses.

Rich Content that's Accessible in Print and Digital Formats

The new edition is accessible as a traditional print text and as eBooks that provide point-of-use digital tools and resources to support both teachers and students. For more information, please contact your curriculum sales consultant.



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