Forensic Science for High School

Forensic Science for High School is an introductory forensic science course written for high school students that focuses on practices and analysis of physical evidence found at crime scenes.  Now available in Flourish as an iPad and tablet-compatible eBook, the program can be used as a complete curriculum or as a supplement to biology, chemistry, or general science coursework.To learn more, click here.

The evidence shows that students become more interested and engaged in science when they can approach it in a hands-on way. Forensic Science for High School not only captures their interest, but allows students to practice science in collaborative and interactive ways that make learning relevant and fun. Teachers can use the flexible eBook as an effective supplement for biology, chemistry, or general science classes. Additional resources, like NSTA SciLinks® and labs, are easily accessed from the online text.

Optimized for use on PCs and Macs, interactive and engaging virtual autopsies are available in five chapters and bring an integral part of forensics into the 21st century. Virtual autopsies give students an opportunity to examine a case study, conduct an autopsy, record information and take notes just like a pathologist, then hypothesize and determine a manner of death.

When using Forensic Science for High School in Flourish, teachers also gain access to the Kendall Hunt Cohesive Assessment System.  This powerful online tool allows teachers to manage assessment content, create and assign tests, deliver content through a secure online testing center, and have complete reporting data at their fingertips.

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