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The Know Your Body (KYB) curriculum addresses all of the health education content areas recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. Through its cross-curricula matrix, KYB can easily be integrated into the classrooms in disciplines such as science, math, social studies, language arts, and physical education.

The Know Your Body (KYB) health program has been rigorously evaluated and shown to be successful in changing children¹s health-related knowledge, attitude, behavior, and biomedical risk factors by using a combination of developmentally appropriate health instruction as well as cognitive and behavioral skill building. Five life skills that form the core of the curriculum are practiced and reinforced throughout each content area. Controlled scientific studies have shown that KYB has a significant positive impact on smoking knowledge, attitudes and behavior.

The KYB health curriculum is aligned to the 2006 National Health Education Standards PreK12, established in December 2005 by the Joint Committee on National Health Education Standards. The goal of these standards is improved educational achievement for students and improved health in the United States.


A comprehensive scientifically research-based health program
A 2000 CSAP (Center for Substance Abuse Prevention) promising program
Aligned with new 2006 health standards

Grades K-3 kits include: 

Teacher¹s Guide, Student Activity Masters, Storybook, Set of 5 Puppets, and a Performance Assessment CD-ROM.

Grades 4-6 kits include: 

Teacher¹s Guide, Student Activity Masters, Posters, and a Performance Assessment CD-ROM.

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