The Career Research Project


 Research is the gathering of data, information, and facts for the advancement of knowledge. There are various approaches in research to gather information. The qualitative approach is emphasized in ethnography. Learning how to conduct an ethnographic interview: experiential learning, how to write a research paper (APA Manual) and how to present an oral presentation (public speaking) are essential for choosing a major in pursuit of a career path.  

The Career Research Project text includes five chapter titles: Chapter One: Overview, Chapter Two: The Ethnographic Interview: Participant Observation, Chapter Three: The Research Paper, Chapter Four: The Oral Presentation, and Chapter Five: Outcomes. The major components of the project include a qualitative ethnographic interview (an experiential learning activity), a research paper, and an oral presentation. Additionally, inclusions of a CD with sample ethnographic career interviews along with sample career research papers provide helpful exemplary models for the student.

Book Features:  

  • Career Decision Making for the young adult
  • Definitions of approaches to research: qualitative versus quantitative
  • Explains how to conduct an ethnographic interview
  • Features the process of writing a research – APA style: effectively utilizing Direct and Indirect parenthetical citations and identifying sources on a Reference page
  • Hones public speaking skills and multimedia skills
  • Includes a CD with sample career ethnographic interviews along with career research papers