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Math Innovations is a coherent and focused middle grades curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. It reflects the CCSS goals and is based on research and teaching practices that help students gain a richer and deeper understanding of mathematics. Click here for a complete program overview or try a sample unit.

Math Innovations helps students develop the habits of mind that allow them to excel in the study of mathematics.  Along with establishing a strong foundation for future study, the in-depth exploration of content in each of the three courses of Math Innovations incorporates the Standards for Mathematical Practice.  As a result, students have the opportunity to become mathematically proficient and:

  • understand mathematical concepts such as variables and functions
  • demonstrate strategic competence in that they can formulate
  • represent and solve mathematical problems using a variety of approaches and strategies
  • compute accurately and fluently whether working with integers, fractions, or algebraic expressions


Math Innovations consists of three courses, each featuring five units that focus on a specific topic to support the Standards for Mathematical Practice. This provides teachers with flexibility and the opportunity for unique alignment and accelerated sequencing since the order topics are taught can be customized.  Content can also be delivered digitally through eBooks that feature enhanced CCSS-aligned whiteboard-ready activities for each lesson that can be accessed from school or at home.   

When using Math Innovations in Flourish, teachers also gain access to the Kendall Hunt Cohesive Assessment System. This powerful online tool allows teachers to manage assessment content, create and assign tests, deliver content through a secure online testing center, and have complete reporting data at their fingertips.


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