Discovering Geometry: An Investigative Approach - Online Student Edition


ISBN: 978-1-55953-873-2

With the Discovering Geometry online textbook, students will navigate through investigations, explore dynamic figures, solve problems, and enrich their mathematical understanding—all from their desktop! They can leave their backpacks at home and their textbooks at school, and still continue their mathematical journey. The Discovering Geometry online textbook includes all the content of your classroom text. 

Check out these enhanced features: 

  • Easy navigation: Click a lesson title in the left margin to skip to that location. Or click the handy navigation buttons running across the bottom of each page. 
  • Interactive glossary terms: As you study your Discovering Geometry online textbook you'll see blue, bolded words here and there, indicating terms that are defined in the glossary. Instead of flipping to the back of the book, just hover your cursor over the blue term and its glossary term will appear. 
  • Hints for Selected Exercises: Click the icon and you'll jump to the hint for that exercise in the “Hints for Selected Exercises” section at the back of the book. 
  • Interactive index terms:  Look up a subject in the index, but instead of slowly navigating all the way to its referenced page, just click the page number following the index entry and you'll jump to the desired page. 
  • "Practice Your Skills" links:  When you want more practice with the basic skills of a lesson, click the "Practice Your Skills" icon. Your Web browser will go to a page containing additional problems for that lesson that you can download. 

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