Participatory Partnerships for Social Action and Research


ISBN: 978-0-7575-7191-6
ISBN: 978-1-4652-0252-9

Academic institutions are often disconnected from broader communities in spite of their reliance on social resources and subsidies for their existence.

Numerous organizations, including the Carnegie and Kellogg Foundations, have challenged academics to partner with community members to respond more adequately to social issues.

Participatory Partnerships for Social Action and Research offers highly reflexive accounts from faculty, administrators, students, and community members about the experience of engaged scholarship—its promise, politics, and thorny mesh of dilemmas.

Participatory Partnerships for Social Action and Research addresses contemporary issues such as environmental degradation, discrimination of gay and lesbian youth, disability rights, pediatric cancer care, HIV and AIDS, poverty and homelessness, suicide, the needs of at-risk students, and the organizing of early childhood mental health care.

Participatory Partnerships for Social Action and Research:

  • features diverse research designs - including experiments, ethnographies, and video-diaries
  • is organized into three general sections – each with an introduction and commentaries written by accomplished scholars
  • is suitable for undergraduate/graduate courses on participatory research methods, to enlarge pre-existing research methods courses to include participatory approaches, and by learning communities offering professional development opportunities for faculty and community members
  • features a flexible format - each chapter can be read independently