Discovering Mathematics

Kendall Hunt’s Discovering Mathematics series is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and designed to engage all students in active learning through a discovery-based, technology-rich approach, building and reinforcing essential skills as they progress. It fully incorporates problem solving, real-world applications, conceptual understanding, and mathematics as sense making.  To learn more about the series, click here.

  Discovering Algebra for the CCSS  

Discovering Algebra was written and developed with students in mind, and its basic philosophy is that students learn mathematics best when they truly understand the concepts behind it. As the title of the book reveals, we believe discovery is crucial to learning. In other words, the best way to gain and retain usable knowledge about algebra is to discover it.

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  Discovering Geometry Fifth Edition

Discovering Geometry encourages students to earn by doing, working both individually and in cooperative groups. Students use the tools of geometry to conduct investigations, compare ideas, and make conjectures about geometric relationships. Students have legitimate opportunities to experiment, hypothesize, measure, analyze, test, talk, write, explain, and justify their ideas as they explore principles of geometry.  

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 Discovering Advanced Algebra for the CCSS  


Changes in society and the workplace require a careful analysis of the algebra curriculum that we teach. The curriculum, teaching, and learning of yesterday do not meet the needs of today's students. In Discovering Advanced Algebra, students work with real data, real-life situations, and real-world applications to realize the value and enjoyment of learning mathematics.

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