Thriving in College and Beyond: Research-Based Strategies for Academic Success and Personal Development


ISBN: 978-1-4652-1074-6
ISBN: 978-1-4652-2300-5

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Thriving in College and Beyond: Research-Based Strategies for Academic Success and Personal Development delivers content through multiple modalities. Snapshot summary boxes, concept maps, humorous illustrations, authors’ experiences, content-relevant quotes from successful people in multiple fields, and first-hand perspectives of current college students appear throughout.

Distinctive Features Include:

  1. It’s comprehensive – it covers the full range of topics and issues that affect student success. This text treats the student as a whole person, addressing academic and personal development and encompasses the whole college experience, including success strategies that can be used in the first year of college and beyond. It’s written by a diverse team of authors who work in both the 2-year and 4-year college sectors. 
  2. It’s substantive – it contains content that the readers can “sink their teeth into.” It educates students not only about what they should do to be successful, but also why they should do it. This edition contains updated research and scholarly references supporting the concepts and strategies presented. 
  3. Readers become actively involved in the reading process by responding to reflection questions at three key points in time: before reading – questions at the start of each chapter that activate the reader’s thinking and prior knowledge about the chapter topic; while reading – periodic questions that encourage the reader to pause and reflect on what was just read; and after reading – end-of-chapter exercises that promote consolidation and application of knowledge acquired from the chapter. 

The new 3rd edition contains additional material on topics such as:

  • Motivation and goal-setting 
  • 21st-century learning skills and their relationship to general education and the liberal arts 
  • Formation of learning teams for different academic tasks 
  • Writing-to-learn strategies for deeper reading, thinking, and problem-solving 
  • Improving test performance – identifying key words on essay questions, memory-improvement strategies, and strategies for reducing test anxiety 
  • Dating, romantic, and intimate relationships 
  • Unhealthy relationships – abusive partners, sexual assault, and sexual harassment 
  • Socioeconomic diversity and gender diversity; forming learning teams that capitalize on the power of diversity 
  • Myths about the relationship between majors and careers 
  • Energy management and capitalizing on “biological rhythms” – natural peak periods and down times during the day  


Each book includes an access code for My Power Learning online learning style assessment and learning style report. Students can become a "Power Learner" by understanding their learning style and using it to their advantage.

The instructor is also given access to the extensive Instructor's Manual that accompanies Thriving in College and Beyond.

Optional - with the adoption of this text, you will have the option of including Folio180. This online student portfolio provides a single location for students to collect their activities, accomplishments and supporting documentation in a single location during their college careers. 

Also available in a concise version for 1- or 2-credit courses "Thriving in College & Beyond: Concise Version"