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BCSC District Creates Their Own Trigonometry Book

March 13, 2019

By: Kendall Hunt

Bartholomew Consolidated (IN) recently created a one-semester math course for students who had successfully completed Algebra 2 that did not wish to take standard precalculus. This course covers traditional high school trigonometry topics without the same level of abstraction as a precalculus course.

“It ended up being an easy process,” said Ed Vogel, math chair at Columbus East High School, part of the Bartholomew district. The district’s trigonometry teachers reviewed investigations they wanted to include and did so for the textbook and digital curriculum.

Bartholomew is using their new trigonometry curriculum now. “We think it’s working pretty well,” said Vogel. “We think our kids are responding well to it. It’s much better and less overwhelming than them looking at a college trig book with 80-90 problems for the homework section within each lesson,” he added.

“(Customized curriculum) I think this is the future of textbooks, Vogel said. More will do custom books - it’s been a pretty painless process.”

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