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Oklahoma Association of Gifted, Creative & Talented Conference

Friday, February 07, 2020


Attend this session presented by Wendy Atendorf:

Friday, February 7th
Rickles, Bickles and Gickles Oh MY! Come on an adventure to the Land of Treble

Come and explore our numeration system by visiting the Land of Treble. Everything students see in this place of fantasy will be made of three parts. Though this creative adventure students are looking at patterns in our number systems and then work with other number systems to help discover what constitutes a place value system and a base system. We will explore the use of the Math Messaging Board and model the Classroom Discussions Rights and Obligations that help create a productive discussion. Student voice is a critical component to help students learn how to organize their thoughts before creating their own written responses.

Visit the Kendall Hunt exhibit to learn more about our gifted programs.

Click here for more information about this conference: http://www.oagct.org/2019-oagct-conference.html

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Stoney Creek Conference Center and Hotel Tulsa , OK
United States
Oklahoma US