Five steps in the publishing process:

Contact Your Editor. Your journey with Kendall Hunt begins with a phone call to the Acquisitions Editor in your area, whom you can find here. You and your Editor will arrange a time to meet and discuss your project. The Editor will evaluate your needs, learn about the project, and determine the cost and possible pricing.

Developing Your Material. Your Developmental Editor will assist you in the early stages of the publishing process, coordinating such vital details as permissions and copyright.

The Production Process. One of our expert production editors will review your project, discuss budget and final specs with you, arrange for copyediting, and finalize any issues regarding layout, cover, and interior design. Your editor will coordinate the manufacturing of your project.

Warehousing and Distribution. Your product will be housed in our state-of-the-art distribution center, and our customer service department will take and process all orders.

What Now? Marketing. Some projects qualify for professional marketing support, which helps maximize sales of your product.